Information Transliteracy

Information literacy is vital to our learners so that they can evaluate and synthesis information so that they can then use it. However is this now enough? Information literacy now need to be part of a whole set of 21st century learning skills that need to include the ability to self evaluate and to be responsible users of information. (Digital literacy) Our learners are usually quite adept at finding the information they need but often have no skills in evaluation or analysis.

As teachers many of us grew up with a very strong sense of cognitive authority. Those books and journals we used could be trusted however now that information can be gathered from a wider range of sources we and our learners need to be more critical. In fact the format becomes totally irrelevant (information transliteracy) and what most importantly needs to be considered is the perspective the information comes from and its validity.

Learners need to know what is important to know. They need to be able to make judgements about the information they have and consider whether it is what they need. They need to question the answer. by being critical thinkers whilst still remaining open to new ideas and information.
new ways of thinking