Day 2

A little bit different from my own!

A little bit different from my own!

A busy day in the library today. Initially I started the day working on the Alert Service; ensuring that the academic staff were linked to their research interests. This is then going to be used to set up RSS feeds to provide them with the most up to date research. Not the most interesting of jobs but it takes pressure off the Library Staff who are obviously busy.

I then met the Head Librarian. We had about an hour meeting in which he gave me some background on the library and then shared some of his future plans. There are about 60 staff in the library including contracted in workers. The library provides for around 6000 fulltime students and 1000 PT. There are also 2 schools nearby that have access; a primary school and a kindergarten. The children from these schools use the library weekly and are allowed access with their parents after school. It really feels like this library is at the heart of its community.

I was then lead through the marketing startegies used by the library including blogs, the development of mobile apps to access the catalogue, Facebook pages linked by RSS feed to the blog and other more traditional methods. (posters, bags, displays and stickers) Chung shared some YouTube clips that other libraries use to help answer those frequently asked questions and in particular familaisation or orientation at the beginning of the academic term. This is not yet in place here yet but they are hoping to develop it in the future. All of this got me thinking about my library and the possibilities. Much of what they are doing could be scaled down to our library in order to make it more forward thinking, relevant and engaging.

The afternoon consisted of finishing the Alert Services profiles and then starting updating the subject guides. Unfortunately, as I don’t have full access to the website I can not edit on line but I can start to notify the libaraians of items that are out of date and need changing.