Day 3

After knowing the hill I had to climb this morning I wasn’t so keen on arriving at the library. I knew that I would have to continue to spend time updating the subject guides for at least 4 to 5 hours…. YUCK! I realise that it is necessary but boy it is tedious.

After lunch things looked up. I met with Joey who is very enthusiastic and has some great ideas about teaching information literacy to her students. We shared lots of ideas and I realised that she is working on the very same things I am but at a different level. Tomorrow I get to see her in action.

At the library they run many different types of workshops. Some are library iniatated whilst others are course initiated. This means collaborating with the different faculties to ensure the staff are supported, and the students are getting the experiences they need in order to make progress. (Not much different from school really.)
There are also self initiated workshops whereby a group of 5 or more students can get together and request small group tutorials in areas they have concerns about. There are also ITC proficiency lessons which are required of all the 2012/2013 intake in order to demonstrate to employers that they have a certain level of ICT knowledge and skill.

Community groups, such as the Elders are also offered info lit classes in order to enable them to become digitally literate. The more I chat with people at this library the more I realise how different it is from the perception of the librarian as the check out chick that many people have. Most are behind the scenes people who work on creating a learning environment and information environment that makes it easier for the rest of us … unfortunately most people don’t seem to recognise it.

Not what the HKIEd librarians are like.

Not what the HKIEd librarians are like.

So I’ve been assigned a couple of task. I’m not sure how I’m going to get it all complete as i am still working on the Alerts and the Subject Guides but I’ll give it a go.

1. To organise a one hour workshop on how to oragnise a book talk.

2. To update the user guide for one of the databases, Proquest. (To be fair Joey has done most of this already and she has just left me bits to do at the end.

The last thing I discovered was Google scholars Alerts. The library here has incorporated Google Schoolr into their catalogue and provides links to the citations. Cool!

What I most appreciated about Joey giving up her time this afternoon was that she showed that she was aware that my head had given me two weeks off and that the children would not get my lessons for 2 weeks. because of this she really wanted to make sure I experienced and learned lots of new things. Great afternoon, thanks Joey!