The library rule rule…

Surfing around ended up back at the Blue Skunk Blog. Doug has written a book that can be downloaded free from Lulu. Machines are the easy part; people are the hard part.  I agree whole heartedly with his library rule on rules. Take a look.

Be doing something productive.

Be doing it in a way that allows others to be productive.

Be respectful of others and their property.

I like the simplicity and the way that these 3 rules basically cover everything you need.

My beautiful home in Derbyshire

Off to England tomorrow for 6 weeks to spend time in our new home. All linked to the internet so hopefully should be able to get some work from my course done. Desperate to get the readings so that I can start. Hopefully they will arrive before I go to the Lakes as I have no internet access there and I really want to get as much done over the summer as possible.