And now for something completely different.

Well I should be working on my presentation but as I have Monday off and my lovely husband is at work I’m going to polish it then. To be honest it needs more of a sand than a polish but I’ll give it a go.
So the last few weeks my head has been filled with online gaming and digital citizenship and work has continued as normal. However today I was excited in a very librarianesque way… some slat wall arrived. At the beginning of the year I spent one Saturday listening to Kevin Hennah concerning library design. Now for us we were never going to give our library a big over haul as we are thinking we may get a refit in about 2 years. So we need to do simple stuff just to improve access and the look of the place. So after several months of waiting the slat wall finally arrived.
What a massive difference it makes! It helps hide the 80s shelving, looks modern and fresh and allows us to display our beautiful new books to the best of our ability. Only five were fitted today but I know we will be buying more. I can’t help but feel happy and I know it’s just shelving but… Take a look. What do you think?