Interesting little slide show and assignment 2 ETL504.

Saw this when surfing around and really liked it. Great photographs and a good message. Thanks to Katie Birkwood for listing the reasons why libraries are great..

On another note assignment 2 coming along quite nicely. Feeling a bit pressured as the date is looming and I’m usually done by now. I think I’m almost at the point I can start writing the plan and the steps to bring about change. It’s been a very interesting assignment and Arthur’s book has eventually come in handy now I have managed to synthesised some of the readings. I’m thinking big but must remember to take small steps. Plenty of information in the readings about working on collaboration and getting support, must weave that in. Still debating about whether to keep the learning and teaching principles in but I have changed the vision again… yes I know! So as of tonight it is Quarry Bay School library, developing a community of confident, independent learners though meaningful and engaging learning experiences. It will no doubt change again but I’m keeping independent and confident although I’m now wondering if I should add self-directed? Watch this space yet again.


Meeting 2 ETL 504

Well tonight was our second meeting. Arthur didn’t reject the first suggestion out of hand but there has been a flurry of work, research and ideas. This has lead to a narrowing of the title and an attempt to link it to only one LO. Challenging your hierarchical structure in order to improve school performance: recognising the power and potential of the teacher librarian. Now it would be great if we got the green light and then we could start work and focus on the task at hand.
There have been lots of emotions this week, particularly uncertainty. I think there has been a bit of stepping carefully around each other and a worry that we are not contributing enough or that we don’t know enough. I have definitely felt that I need to work harder…not that anyone has suggested it but I don’t want to let the team down. At present we are going through the forming stage ( Hough &Paine 1997 Collaborative decision making with teams. In Creating quality learning communities pp 110-127)
We are obviously forming a collaborative decision making team. We need to be dynamic and creative and hopefully share some core beliefs. ( Would these be that the TL has an important role? That learning is vital and valued? Literacy and information literacy are the most important vehicles for learning?)
There is obviously going to be a great emphasis on team learning and as we all bring ideas, experiences and knowledge to the group.