Wine and weed.

Something I’d read during the last subject (collection management) stated that although the TL is ultimately responsible for the collection others within the community should be involved in its development. So tonight I tried out a wine and weed hour. I invited our lower school teachers to come along and help weed the picture books. I offered wine and juice and around an hours worth of work.
Six willing crew turned up, one with snacks! A bit of music in the background, lots of laughs and large numbers of picture books culled. To anyone considering weeding their collection I’d recommend it. It got a big job done in a short amount of time and created a great collaborative atmosphere.
Only problem now is that I need to deaccession and sort the. I might ust have to recruit the monitors.


Final submission ETL504 ?

Well a new title is in the offing, Start a new conversation…Improve your school by distributing leadership. We have a clear audience, principals, a clear peer reviewed journal and a set of arguments to convince the publishers and the principals. our selected LO is number two related to leadership and decision making but will it be enough? Watch this space!

I am now officially the spanner. I keep asking questions which I’m not sure is a good thing. After looking at Law and Glover again I think I am a Resource Investigator (If any of team 9 read this I’d appreciate your comments on this one!) A resource investigator identifies ideas and resources from outside the team ( I’ve done that and really like doing that) I question and explore…. that’s why I’m called the spanner! My positive qualities are supposed to be that I’m positive, have a networking capacity, curious, communicative, cheerful and good at sustaining challenges. I’m not so sure about all of those , but it would be nice if I was! I also agree with the weaknesses…I tend to lack self discipline, I can be impulsive and quickly lose interest. What I’d really like to know is what my team mates think I am and what they think they are. I think it would make for interesting reading, would we have a balanced team? we certainly have a motivated and committed one.

Tonight’s Skype session was yet again very positive. We are questioning each other more and don’t seem to be afraid of asking for clarification. perhaps this is the storming phase I mentioned earlier on in the week. I’m not sure Arthur will say yes however I am feeling more positive than I did at the beginning of the week despite the set backs. I think going through the process so far has made me reflect on how teams are formed, what my contribution to the team is and how distributed leadership can work.

Today was a great day in school as the children took action to raise money for Japan. The children could wear a variety of colour specified by the Japanese community and also buy cakes and sushi and snack time. we raised around $30,000HK.
Well done, it makes me proud to be part of such a caring community.