The importance of data.

Collection mapping may have seemed like a drag but the work paid off tonight. Tonight I presented my bid to the PTA for an extra $300,000 based on the gaps made apparent by the collection map. I was able to use the data to argue the need for materials related to history, geography, religion, festivals and mythology. The readings I’d done previously made me knowledgeable and appear confident. I could argue that if we want an exemplary library program we need to spend the money and be prepared to invest. They asked me if it was a one off…I told them honestly no it wasn’t. I would become a bugbear and be returning again and again to update the materials we have on offer. If materials are outdated they need to be replaced if we want a program that places inquiry at the heart of the curriculum.
Anyway to cut a long story short, I got it! How fab is that? A glass of wine is in order and I’ll raise a toast to collection mapping and the advantages it offers the TL who is prepared to fight their corner and use the data to support investment needs.