Too much information

Well firstly I’m really excited because while I’ve been in the Philippines I’ve got quite a few more hits on this blog. Not sure who reads it or if anyone finds it useful but it makes me feel positive when I see the hits counter increase. I’m hardly a blogging superstar but nearly 2000 isn’t to be sniffed at.
So to the assignment. Well plenty of research done and words written. Too much in fact. I think I’ve wandered from the plan and will need to rearrange the info and the slides but I think I’m almost there. I’ve particularly enjoyed learning about this as I knew nothing before and i have to say I was a nay sayer. My son can’t believe that I now think games have some value and that some should be utilised within the classroom.
Just read a great article by Waelchli Playing with process: video game choice as a model of behavior. A really interesting read, especially as it relates to librarians and the research cycle. In essence he is saying that librarians should use games with learners and then demonstrate how gaming and research are similar. This would enable our learners to make connects and frame research skills and information literacy in a positive light. Watch this great video by Paul Walchli. A brief summary from my notes is as follows…

Our digital citizens are required to be able to plan their inquiries, locate and analyse information and evaluate information. (ISTE 2007) Waelchli (2010. p. 380 ) argues that games require players to search out information, organise it, evaluate its usefulness and make decisions based on it’s value. This imitates the research cycle we expect our students to follow.
When gamers are actively engaged they need to make decision based on the information available. These decisions, or choices, are where information literacy skills are used. To be successful, players must be able to collect, evaluate, organise and apply information within the context of the game. These skills alone are enough to provide justification for using games with our learners. (Waelchli, 2010. p. 383) Even when playing action games, which are renown for their fighting and shooting, the most successful players need to assess the situation, consider resources and tools and make a plan of action, just as successful researchers do. (Waelchli ,2010. p. 386) As with the other ISTE standards, games are used not for their educational content but for the educational processes players use when engaged in the game.
Persistence is also a virtue that needs to be developed within our learners. Learners who look for a quick way through the research cycle will not be rewarded with rich and deep understandings; this is mirrored by players who will be unsuccessful with only one single game play. Research, like gaming, is not a one hit wonder, many engagements are necessary in order to gain a more focused end product or a higher ranking. (Waelchli, 2010. p. 385)

WAELCHLI, P. (2010). Playing with Process: Video Game Choice as a Model of Behavior. Public Services Quarterly, 6(4), 380-388. doi:10.1080/15228959.2010.521091


been a long time

Oh dear! Can’t believe I did this the last post in October! Well things have been interesting on the EER front. Assignment 1.I decided to do multicultural literature and I felt fairly happy with it. It helped that I knew quite a lot about multicultural literature because of the previous elective. I did OK but was shocked that I hadn’t checked my referencing, something I’m usually so careful with. I put it down to the wine that was consumed in vast amounts at Christmas.
Now assignment 2! well it’s gone tonight but I don’t think it it earth shattering. I enjoyed it in a weird sort of way. I wish I was actually doing the research rather than writing about what I’d do. I’m not sure if I have made my points very clearly or argued my case very comprehensively. Just keep your fingers crossed for 50%. Terrible I know I should be aiming high but at this point I just need a pass!
Beverly was great and very helpful as were one or two people on the forum, so thanks to all those MEd TLships to be out there. I found the Bryman text helpful sometimes and actually preferred Punch (2009). I thought it was easier to read and understand. With choosing a case study i also read a lot of Yin and Robert Stake. Interesting stuff but I almost had too much information and not enough words to be able to explain everything thoroughly. Not my best. Never mind off to japan skiing on Saturday where i won’t have anything to do except read, ski, eat, sleep oh and type up some stuff for the new school writing magazine!

Let's hope we get days like this.