E Portfolios

So the next step is to develop an e portfolio. I’ve just realised that perhaps this blog is the first step along the e-portfolio line. Hmmm I was really happy with this 12 months ago but now feel it needs something else… a new look, a new format, different content. I am beginning to think that it should reflect my school and work experiences rather than my studies. How I start this I’m not sure. Do I simply revamp this one? Archive and move on? Start a new blog and hyperlink this? Or simply add more pages? Let the thinking begin.


Day 10

Defining part viewThe team were very kind to me today and left me to finish of the subject headings and then work on my own reflections. I took the opportunity to look carefully at the HKIEd website and how it was organised. I considered how our site could be improved and made more accessible and user friendly.
Our library page has always been quite good and child friendly but is was beginning to look a bit dated and it needed a spruce up.
So I spent the day working on the Inquiry page. I had started this before the holidays but it needed a lot more work.
Well now it is almost finished and looking much more professional.
Here are a few images to give you some idea.

opening page

locating; part view

Selecting; part view

Organising; part view

Presenting; part view

What I also did was make some Smores to use as cheat sheets for when children need help with referencing. Hopefully these will be useful and they look so much better that a word document. Here’s an example of one on how to cite a book.
Now I know it is not APA style or 100% accurate but it is for primary aged children so we are starting simple. I’ve lots more I can link if anyone is interested.