Day 6

Well it is only lunchtime but it has not been an especially busy day. I arrived and checked over the Proquest guide I had been working on. I found a few more edits I needed to make and I think it is all finished. Then I improved my PowerPoint for Wednesday and uploaded it to Slideshare. Take a look. Done…all work complete.

I have asked 3 times for more to  do but nothing is forthcoming. I went on a 20 minute library tour and other than that have been observing and doing a bit of school stuff. This afternoon I have a meeting with Media Services and Joey said she will sort something out for me. Let’s hope as I am happy to work.

Just met with Joey who talked me through some tentative plans for a virtual library tour. They are wrestling with whetehre they go video, 3 D or keep with the slide show. To be fair nothing can happen until the budget for a refit or reorganisation has been decided. What the conversation highlighted was that we have much in common. we are both constrained by budgets. We both have issues with keeping up with online materials and updating. We both want to provide the best for our students. We both educate our students about digital citizenship and the use of the online resources. Obviously there are economies of scale going on but basically we face the same issues. I hadn’t really thought that would be the case and we would have so much in common. Next stop Media Services.



Just a few snaps from around the library.


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