Shockingly bad!

Ok so I haven’t posted in an age… yeah I know that’s not what a great librarian should be doing. Well to tell the truth I sort of lost the will to live. I needed some time out. I deferred for a term, which looking back had it’s pros and cons. The pros were I’ve had a rest and feel like getting back to it. The cons seem to be that there are no units to do this term so I have ended up having 2 terms off! Not great but there is not much i can do about it.
Good news is that I’m now ready to start my placement. I will be going to the Hong Kong Institute of Education for 10 days. I’m not sure what i will be doing but it will be a challenge I’m sure. I’ll then have to write that up and then get doing the study visits. Theonly 2 more subjects…bibliographic standards and information environment. I could be almost finished this time next year!
That will be good because my library is getting a complete refit! I am being given a large empty box..almost a whole floor to do with what I like. Now I’m no designer so I am going to need some help…hopefully from some of my twitter friends and those TLs in HK with experience and expertise.

Tried a new piece of online software today, SMORE What a fab little tool. It makes me feel almost professional at making stunning flyers and newsletters. Take a look and let me know what you think to my first attempt.