Well that’s it then.

Finished digital citizenship …. another one bites the dust! 6 down, 2 academic and placements to go. I really enjoyed the Digital Citizenship module. Judy was amazing. so sensible and organised and very helpful. Copyright was never going to be my thing but it has moved my understanding on and I adored the gaming assignment. Loved making a stunning powerpoint and now know how to use Grease Monkey. All in all a very positive experience.

Now I’m worried about the next one, ETL 505 Bibliographic standards. My friend and colleague almost failed it and she is smart. I’m worried as I’m not always really logical so may find this challenging. She said it is really difficult and I have heard others say that. Maybe its because I haven’t got the mind of a librarian… I hate shelving and don’t find much time for cataloguing. I’d rather be with the kids either teaching or enthusing about the next book they should read.
However look on the bright side she has passed me all the readings so I don’t need to print them off and she had a copy of Hider which has saved me 65 pounds. How they can charge 65 quid for a paperback I have no idea!

The school term is almost over and I’ll be packing this time next week to return to my beautiful house in Derbyshire. I’m looking forward to the hiking, the running and the fresh air. Great food and lots of sleep will make a for a great holiday. Walking the dales way should be fun and a week in Paris to round it all off, I’m spoilt rotten and I love it!

Dales way, 81 miles from Ilkley to Windermere


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