I love learning

So why did I start this MEdTLship thing? It gets in the way of my social life and it creates stress. It gives me more work to do and sometimes makes me feel inadequate. So why do I do this to myself? I have a masters, do I really need another? Quite frankly no. I don’t need it for that piece of paper and the academic kudos but there must be some reason I started it and now continue it.

Why I stared it is easy. I started it because I had a new job and felt that to do my best I needed more knowledge. I needed to know what teacher librarians do. I was born in the UK in the 60s and never had a teacher librarian in any of the schools I went to. I had no idea but I wanted to be the best TL I could be. I wanted to give the children in our school a positive experience and improve their attitude to language and learning. I liked teaching reading, literacy and love picture books so I stepped up. Good enough reasons? Probably not but that’s why I am here today. I still love picture books, like teaching reading but now love YA novels and visual literacy. Good enough reasons? You decide.

So why do I continue it? I could say it’s because of the money I’ve already invested. With the strong AU $ at the moment, I’ve invested a lot. Thousands of dollars on work and stress and library access… but if I’m honest that is not the reason.

The reason is that I love learning. Learning gives me a buzz. It keeps my brain awake and makes me feel like I’m 18 again. It is a nature and healthy high that helps get you through the bad days. It gives me something to think and to talk about. It makes me more knowledgeable and confident about myself. It has its ups and downs but I love it. Maybe it’s because i get to select things that I’m interested in, within a certain range, and get to “go figure!” I get to work through the research cycle that I expect my learners to engage with. I get to produce and present, evaluate and locate. I get to assess and define. Is this why I get a high from learning? I don’t honestly know but I do know I love it!


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