Game on!

Yippee. Judy has accepted my proposal for assignment 1 so I am now able to start researching in earnest. it also gives me loads of time to work on the presentation.
Hopefully I can do a good job.
Here is my outline.
Information Policy Issue: Developing digital citizenship amongst students; the role of games and gaming.
Proposed Title of Presentation: Game on!
Proposed Framework of Presentation:

1. What is a digital citizen? Features/ requirements of a digital citizen.
2. The digital challenges ahead
What challenges are on the horizon? How will these affect how learners (Teachers, TLs and Students ) work and learn? An outline of the developments that are on the horizon. In particular gaming.
3. What possibilities are opened up because of gaming?
Similarities between games and how students do research..leading to information literate students.
Benefits especially pronounced with so called digital natives.
Game playing meets most of ACRL info lit standards ( this needs to be checked to see if this covers digital citizenship) Info literacy skills key to digital citizenship.
Collaborative learning
New culture… see book!
Able to cope with change
Teaches participation which could lead to civic engagement

4. How do games aid the development of digital citizenship?
Citizenship… online community Does this impact behavior? Supports community, fosters community like behaviours
Taking on of a new identity…sharing of personal information. Avatars “ extended commitment to self”
Community of practice and take on new identity leading to a shared understanding
Development of digital norms of behavior
Teaches participation which could lead to civic engagement
A sense of membership / belonging
Rights and responsibilities?

5. Conclusion
Gaming is an important tool that should not be ignored. However need to remember its not just about tools but about the quality of teaching and the ability of the teacher to provide engagements that empower learners. Are schools making the use of the research? How should they move forward?
Questions for discussion…not decided yet, more thinking required.

Judy commented “Can I suggest that in terms of standards that provide a context and relevance (particularly in the scenario that has been posed for this assessment) that you investigate/refer to ISTE NETS standards student and perhaps teachers. If you are not familiar with these, you will find them particularly helpful.” So that’s my next step. That plus lots of reading. And yes the title is cheesy but as Judy says “Let’s have fun!”
Game on

Poster downloaded from.


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