ETL523 Get into the game.

So first draft in and I knew it would be rubbish as I’d really not done the reading. However Judy has been really helpful. What I had written was far too generic and really didn’t hit my interests. I’ve decided I’m really interested in games, gamification and the culture of change. I know I’ve not made my life easy but I just can’t bring myself at this point to work for hours on copyright or plagiarism. (Yes I know it’s important but I just can’t do it, or even spell it!)
I’m taking on the game pattern.I want to seek novelty, think creatively, challenge myself and I, sometimes, like to do things the hard way. It also means I need to network, so I’m hoping that someone will read this and help or at least post some ideas. If not poor Judy will just have to be my network buddy.

Most importantly I need to consider how gaming is different to other types of learning and how that connects back to Digital Citizenship. At this point I’m still reading around and thinking but I do feel really motivated so hopefully I’ll get an ‘ah ha’ moment where I begin to see those connection. My son, a WOW gamer, has already shown some interest in my work and pointed me in the direct of this TED talk. I’m sure there’s lots to work on here and plenty of references to follow up.


I love the whole group value thing he talks about and how games enable access to a global world. Generation G use games to train their minds, to engage thinking and to solve problems. All this through collaborative play… sounds too good to be true.


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