been a long time

Oh dear! Can’t believe I did this the last post in October! Well things have been interesting on the EER front. Assignment 1.I decided to do multicultural literature and I felt fairly happy with it. It helped that I knew quite a lot about multicultural literature because of the previous elective. I did OK but was shocked that I hadn’t checked my referencing, something I’m usually so careful with. I put it down to the wine that was consumed in vast amounts at Christmas.
Now assignment 2! well it’s gone tonight but I don’t think it it earth shattering. I enjoyed it in a weird sort of way. I wish I was actually doing the research rather than writing about what I’d do. I’m not sure if I have made my points very clearly or argued my case very comprehensively. Just keep your fingers crossed for 50%. Terrible I know I should be aiming high but at this point I just need a pass!
Beverly was great and very helpful as were one or two people on the forum, so thanks to all those MEd TLships to be out there. I found the Bryman text helpful sometimes and actually preferred Punch (2009). I thought it was easier to read and understand. With choosing a case study i also read a lot of Yin and Robert Stake. Interesting stuff but I almost had too much information and not enough words to be able to explain everything thoroughly. Not my best. Never mind off to japan skiing on Saturday where i won’t have anything to do except read, ski, eat, sleep oh and type up some stuff for the new school writing magazine!

Let's hope we get days like this.


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