Happy days

How brilliant the last few weeks have been. Feedback for my last assignment was very positive and I feel that my learning really moved forward this semester. It has also been great to have some time off to do some reading. I have loved the children’s books that I was lucky enough to read over the half term. Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thieves (Riordan) was much better than I had anticipated. I loved Sky Hawk,( Gill Lewis) a book based in Scotland and Africa about ospreys and relationships. I think my favourite though was A Monster calls By (author) Siobhan Dowd, By (author) Patrick Ness (ISBN 13: 9781406311525) An absolutely brilliant book that deals with death and bereavement and includes the most wonderful illustrations. Lucky me, Wonderstruck has also just landed on my doorstep. (Brian Selznick ISBN 9780545027892) although I doubt I will have time to read anymore as EER 500 is about to start. I had promised myself I would read some of the Booker shortlist and long list this year and I’ve managed 2 so far. However it will probably be Christmas before I get to the rest.
EER 500 seems quite interesting although I doubt that it can top Children’s literature which is my passion. If I could combine my interest in children’s literature in this next assignment it might just help me. However at the moment I seem to be able to find lots of stuff on E Books and little on children’s literature, especially in Hong Kong. I’ve contacted Beverley already and mentioned that something related to International Education and Children’s literature might be a possibility and she seemed to agree. So all in all a productive few weeks. Feeling positive and I’m almost half way through! 4 out of 9 ain’t bad!

Not a bad place to catchup on some reading.


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