Well it took a while to get going but I have to say once immersed in children’s literature it has been an interesting and relevant experience. I think I walk away feeling that many of my beliefs have been confirmed and that literature should certainly permeate the curriculum. I know I need to read more and intend to alternate text, children’s and adults so that I can have more conversations around books with the children.
I am still awaiting the next assignment coming back and have my fingers crossed. I was happy with the comments on the last one but don’t feel so confident with this. Next step is the research unit which might be quite challenging. Looking forward to the subject outline being posted so that I can access a book list and try and get a little a head whilst no dead lines loom. If I pass this I’ll be almost half way there! How time flies when you are having fun.

I think that is what my daughter is thinking now she has started her second year at uni studying Marine Bio. Just back from a field course she appears to have been swimming off the welsh coast in September! Obviously you need to be mad to study marine Biology!


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