Multicultural literature, transformational powers?

Has it really got the power to transform? I’m reading lots that suggests it can but have yet to find any substantial research that can support this. We can expose children to different perspectives and discuss these with them but does that mean we change them? We can provide a window or a mirror for them to gaze through or to think reflectively about their own culture but I still need evidence to demonstrate that sharing multicultural texts makes a difference.
This blog post proved an interesting read and may lead me to further answers.


ETL402 Children’s Literature

It’s funny I was really interested in this subject and was looking forward to this new subject however now I’m feeling a bit down. I think it is because it’s the holidays and I can’t find any motivation to work. I’d much rather be lazing around doing nothing. So far I’ve done assignment 1A which wasn’t too taxing but I need to start the next one which is a paper of 2000 words. I’ve selected to do it about multicultural children’s literature and I am hoping that there is alot of information out there as I know very little beyond the obvious. You know it’s bad when you are using your blog as an excuse to do no work! Fingers crossed things will improve over the next couple of days.

Just got back from walking the Cumbria Way. A 72 mile hike from Ulverston to Carlise through the English Lake District. A couple of absolutelty stunning days where we got the most amazing views. This was followed by a couple of dull days and then 2 of very wet weather. An enjoyable experience and one I would highly recommend.