Library Vision

Just read a great blog by Dr. Steve Matthews that helps structure library vision statements. It all seems so easy but I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall.
The odd thing is I know that I want my students to be independent and confident learners but that doesn’t really sound enough. Is that a big enough goal? Is it really a vision for the future? What more needs to be added if it is truly going to be visionary? Ideas on a postcard please…


2 thoughts on “Library Vision

  1. IMHO, students being “independent and confident learners” is an ultimate vision. As Lao-Tzu, a 6th century B.C. Chinese philosopher, wrote; “Of a great leader when his work is done they will say, ‘We did it ourselves.’ ” Sounds like you have the heart of a great leader, and nothing is more important than instilling a love of learning in students of any age.

  2. Thank you. You have really helped me with this piece of work. Your site helped me think things through and your comment has just given me a real buzz. Now I just have to write it!

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