What a bad month I’ve had; not in life but in study. As anyone can see blogging has not been top priority this month. Assignment 1A was quite successful with around 19% of the total score for the course racked up. The team worked well and despite not having the clearest of guidelines (in our opinion) we did a pretty good job. 1B has now disappeared into the EAST’s ether and I’m hoping for at least a pass on it so I can rack up some more marks.
The next task seems like a biggie and I haven’t started anything. Strategic management. I know nothing…yet. Reading starts today, or maybe tomorrow, although I really ought to plan some lessons.
One of the reasons for my lack of blogging is 2 weeks on the Gili Isles, Indonesia. A lack of internet can really test the limits of distance learning as can a beautiful beach and crystal clear waters.

Life's a beach and then you die.

However although the deadline is already looming and I’m about as far behind as possible I am looking forward to getting stuck in and finishing this subject. If I get stressed or fed up I’ll just look at the pictures and dream that I’m back on the beach at Meno or Air with a mojito and I’ll soon be back on track.


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