Off to find more cheese! ELT504

I’m not sure if Arthur is making suggestions to make us feel disheartened and test us so that we can reflect on our leadership skills or not. So I’m assuming that he is deliberately putting obstacles in our way to test us therefore I am going to be able to do this and do it well. I am going to stay motivated despite feeling quite angry and fed up this morning, and i will be enthusiastic with the rest of the team.
To help my thinking I’ve used bubblus, a simple mind-mapping tool that is worth exploring in the classroom. I wanted to share it with team 9 but it won’t upload for some reason. Now I’ve managed to map that out I realise we need to be very clear about our objectives and slim it down some what. We have highlighted a few journals that we could approach and our audience is principals. We now need to ensure that we are very clear about the purpose and why the publisher should take this on.
I’m still unsure if we are proposing a journal article or if we are proposing that we do some research. Uncertainty certainly reigns tonight. So I’m off to find some more cheese as perhaps the cheese we have is a little stale and if I’m going to keep on my toes and be ready for more changes I need to be prepared for any eventuality. More reading!


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