Utilising the principles of quality management.

It was great today in the ELT, no really. My reading from yesterday fitted in perfectly and I was able to see how the readings on management and leadership gelled with the real world.
I’ve never really been a fan of readings about educational leadership, I was always more of a curriculum girl myself. Yes I see myself as a leader but in a limited sort of way and don’t always feel confident in my own abilities. I’d never dream of stepping up to a VP or a Principal level, I couldn’t do it. I’m better at leading from within, from talking to colleagues and hopefully encouraging, listening, hearing and empowering.
Now these readings, although not the most riveting of reads, are making sense of leadership and makes me want to learn more. I’d like our school to be a happy place where everyone works together to improve the children’s learning. Everyone means me, so what am I going to do over the next few weeks to make a difference, to make the school a happier and more trustworthy place? How am I going to step up?

1. Could I work on what our mission statement looks like with the children and the teachers that work with me in the LC? Would this help qualify things for me, the teachers and the children? Well it would but it is something that needs to be tackled by the whole school, so maybe not the one for me.

2. I could share the research cycle I have been using and see if anyone is willing to trial it with their class and give me feedback so that we can move to a more cohesive approach next year. This would help develop a team approach and a shared view.

3. I should talk to the children about what is good about the LC and what they need from the LC. What works? What do they enjoy? Which lessons have been most successful? How can we improve their learning further? This then needs to be shared with their teachers. This determines that the children and their learning at at the heart of the program ensuring a more learner centred experience for the child.

4. Find out why some systems are not working, for instance the English records. Why are they often not filled in? If I find this out then perhaps it can be made more meaningful for all involved. Why do some people see them as irrelevant? Is it because the assessments are not done or is it because they see no value in writing it down? What about collecting time-tabling comments for next year in order to improve the LC time-tabling. This might give me a way to move to the more flexible approach as seen on Friday.

5, Positives should be celebrated. A celebration board in the LC or just outside? It wouldn’t be difficult and the children and staff could be encouraged to add to the board. Anyone who helps our learning community could have their face added and a little note could be written. ie; The student council for putting in loads of hard work this term, the football team for training so hard. Mrs. A. for being so imaginative and trying something new. Mrs. G. for offering to take me to X to source materials for my book week costume. It is endless.

So that’s only the first 5 principles and already I have a wealth of things I could try to do to make our school a better, happier more trust worthy environment. Most importantly whatever I do I need to be enthusiastic, motivated and demonstrate that I care for our school and the community. I need to STEP UP because unless I do then there will never be a whole school approach as someone will always be missing.


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