If one thing is standing out in my limited reading so far it is vision. It seems that without a vision you can not be an excellent leader. Well this does make sense as if you don’t know where you are going then how can you get there? So I had a think and decided to try, in 5 minutes on the back of an envelope, to clarify what my vision is for our school library.

1. Our school library will be a vibrant learning environment that is used by the school community and valued for it’s impact on learning.

2. It will provide the resources that teachers, students and the curriculum needs, just in time, for learning. Providing a collection that reflects the needs and wants of the students and teachers.

3. Every student will be able to effectively and efficiently access the quality information they need.

4. Every student will be able to read. This goal will be pursued relentlessly by all staff within the school.

5. The library will be regarded as having a presence amongst the community; both in a traditional form and digitally.

6. A wide variety of IT tools will be made available and learning will drive their use.

7. All children will want to spend time in the library for a variety of academic and recreational reasons.

8. It will reflect our international community and all children will be able to see themselves reflected in some of our materials.

9. There will be free access to information.

I’m sure there must be more. It will be interesting to see if this changes as the modules develop or if my ideals remain the same and how I approach them differs.
Consideration also needs to be paid to how this vision can be shared with others within the school and to ensure that we all have the same vision. If we don’t then once again how can we be expected to arrive in the same place if we are all travelling in different directions.


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