Assignment 2 ETL 503

Results are finally here. After a very shaky assignment 1 in which I feel I picked the wrong curriculum area and had real trouble selecting resources assignment 2 proved to be more positive so I will be moving onto the next subject.
I had felt very uncertain at the beginning of this assignment as my confidence had been shaken. I had passed the previous one but it was not a strong piece of work. I had to do much better in this assignment to try and maintain the positive start I had had in ETL501.

Initially I had no idea what writing a collection policy involved and what sort of information needed to be included. The modules provided vast amounts of information but this seemed to make me feel anxious rather than confident as there seemed to be an unending list of information to digest. The Kennedy (2006) text although constructive was not particularly accessible and so I focused my reading on Bishop (2007).

It was here that my knowledge began to grow. I found the text gave me a very detailed overview into selection criteria. This combined with the work of Hughes-Hassell & Mancall (2005) provided me with both general and learner centered selection criteria. I felt that by combining them I would have an all encompassing view which would aid selection and provide clear guidelines upon which to base purchases.

Bishop (2007) on evaluation of the collection prompted me to begin the process in my own library and recognise its worth. I had not realised there were ways that this could be done and only wished i had known about collection mapping earlier. It is now proving to be very useful as it has given me strength to argue the case for further funding from the PTA and the Head was impressed that I could provide this kind of data to back up collection development. My library looks very well resourced but we have some very large gaps that need filling and a lot of items that need to be deselected. this enables me to do this in a professional and accountable way.
The feedback was comprehensive and very helpful. It will help me to edit my collection policy for the better and include more reference to digital items and teacher support. I knew that was important but with the word limit had cut sections that I would have preferred to leave in.
I now need to consider….
Will the collection be increasingly digitalised?
What are the school and library goals?
What are the decisions that need to be made in order to move the collection and the library forward?

Bishop, K. The collection program in schools: Concepts, practices and information sources. (4th ed.) Westport, Connecticut: Libraries Unlimited.
Hughes-Hassell, S. & Mancall J.C. (2005) Collection management for Youth: Responding to the needs of learners. Chicago: American Libraries Association.
Kennedy, J. (2007) Collection management: A concise introduction. (2nd ed.) Wagga Wagga, NSW: Centre for Information Studies, Charles Sturt University.

On another note our new cataloging system is up and running. We are figuring out how to use it and the children have access from home and the classroom…a step forward digitally! We have also subscribed to Biguniverse which is giving us a very strong online presence amongst our community and is providing a great inquiry tool for our students and teachers. With the help of Gregor the Overlander and Skulduggery Pleasant we seem to be attracting some more boys and there is definitely a buzz around the place. Now we need to consider ereaders and how we might use them and use the collection map to really focus our spending…happy days!


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