The most appropriate , not the best

Well the new assignment is in. I’m not holding out much hope on this one as I have handed it in just to be shot of it. Why? Well the Mint house flooded over the weekend and we will be greeted with soggy carpets and water damage throughout. There goes the relaxing Christmas we were hoping for. It was a challenging assignment and finding the 10 resources , 6 of which needed to be digital, was hardest. The word limit was really tough and I’m not convinced I know enough about it. Let’s just hope for that magical 50%!  I’m posting the brief reflection at the end of the assignment as i feel it sums up my feelings and learning concerned with collection management. the learner must be at the centre. If this means we don’t have the best collection but we do have the most appropriate then so be it.

I had posted the reflection and then realised that if the assessor put my assignment through Turnitin then I’d be stuffed as I’d come up with a 100% match. Not what I’d want really. Turnitin is a great tool for checking if work is plagarised, definitely worth having if you work in a high school.

Off to England on Friday. Looking forward to a cold snowy Christmas but not looking forward to the soggy house. 4 bursts have ensured that water has flooded down the stairs making it all but uninhabitable 😦 Luckily we can stay in the neighbours holiday let and still be close enough to try and sort out the problems.

Here’s The Mint House as it was… how it will look when we get there, who knows?


ETL 503 Wordle

Don’t you just love Wordle? Just cut and pasted my latest unfinished assignment to check that the key ideas within the assignment are those that I want to reflect. It’s a great presentation tool for kids too. In the last few weeks I’ve used it to pull out the key words from dictionary definitions or reinforce what the big ideas behind a subject are. I’ve also used it to get kids to organise their thoughts on character traits and rank them hierarchically. A friend has used it to cut and paste the children’s assignments in and then get them to talk through the Wordle rather than reading out the assignment. Love it!