Who should select?

Consider how the teacher librarian might effectively collaborate with the school community in the selection of resources in your school or in a school with which you are familiar. Who should have the final say on what is included? Why?

I think I have been lucky as collaboration has already started and is shaping up quite nicely. Obviously not everyone is on board but most are and the majority are seeing the Info Lit lessons as a positive move forward. In terms of collection management I’ve already sent a couple of lists and web links out and have asked for opinions. Although I know the curriculum quite well and use the over view extensively I’m not an expert on every unit or area of the curriculum. As an individual I can’t possibly understand every units needs and how it is developed within each class.  However if I ask for opinions, including those of the students,  I am more likely to be able manage a collection that reflects the needs and wants of our school community.

I can see problems arising though. If someone really wants an item that I feel is of a poor quality or does not reflect our school mission statement then friction could occur.  This is when you need to be able to have open and honest discussions about the quality and content of materials and also have a collection management policy to back up decisions. Without a policy document of this kind it simply turns into an argument about personal preferences and covert censorship which is not what the collection should be about.  It is about servicing our Information Literate School Community with the materials and tools necessary to push learning and thinking forward.


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