Keeping records

Eeek now I’m in a tizz! I’ve just had some e-mails through OZL-NET concerning keeping a log. My initial reaction was when am I going to fit that into my day but after reading Di McKenzie’s mails and blog I might be about to change my mind.  If it acts  reflection tool and enables me to look at my time management it could be worthwhile. Also how difficult is it to add it to this blog? If I’m writing about my experiences it can’t be that much more can it?  Talking of blogs I’m feeling very pleased with myself as I’ve set up both a blog and a forum for the Bob kids. Numbers are growing and we have nearly 40 children. Next year I think I’ll run it differently so we can entice even more into the fold. Pushing it with staff so they read some of the books to the children to get them hooked and having some available on the shelves for anyone to take. At the moment it feels a little exclusive and I’m not keen on telling children they can’t borrow particular titles.

Looking forward to Saturday when I’ll be in Singapore at the HandsonLit conference. Ross Todd is the key-note speaker so it should be great. Hopefully I’ll come back with more ideas and jobs to do.


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