Geek Club

Well not exactly a Geek Club but a professional reading group. Finally it has kicked off at school and although it was a small band of merry men (well all women actually) it was nice to sit and chat with people about school stuff. We read a chapter from Strategies that work; teaching comprehension for understanding and engagement, Garvey and Goudvis (2007) It was interesting how people read it differently. I looked at it from a very English/ language perspective as opposed to others who thought it was discussing inquiry and how it could develop that too.

Although it was a small turn out I thought that it was a positive step forward and that reading and discussing articles and research is now on the agenda. Everyone is given an opportunity to join and if you can’t make the meeting then you might have got something out of the article. Next time we are bringing 3 indispensible children’s books each. Who knows our international band of geeks will bring along but its sure to be interesting!

Oh also ran borrowing records this week. I’m sure there is some librarian term that I don’t yet know that describes this but it was interesting to look at the borrowing statistics. I can’t believe I just said that! One thing it did highlight was that our girls seem to be borrowing more than our boys. Is this because the boys are not interested in reading or is it because now they are expected to come at lunchtime or break they are always tempted outside by the sunshine? Or perhaps our collection is more female orientated? Something to investigate further.


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