Really enjoying the standards assignment and it is really making me think. Are they useful? What impact to they have? Obviously ASLA and ALIA want the standards to be aspirational goals for the Teacher Librarian to aim for. How and why they were developed is important but surely how they are interpreted and used by the teacher librarian and other members of the information literate school community is even more important. If a principal wants to use them for assessment and appraisal then the aspirational goals begin to melt away. The standards become more like sticks to beat the teacher librarian with. Also the TL needs to be careful that they see the standards as something to aim for over a long period of time. They are all encompassing goals that can not be achieved over night. Some of them required large shifts in thinking that require a a whole school overview.

Using them as goals to aim for and to inform my practice is what I intend to do but deciding which to start with and which are critical to student learning outcomes is more difficult. How to I measure the impact the IL lesson are having? Evidence based practice I hear you say but at this point I feel like I’m only just keeping my head above water and am not sure where to start. Off to Singapore again in November to hear Ross Todd speak. One of the workshops is based around evidence based practice so I hope that more light will be shed.


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