This week has involved meeting up with a group of other teacher librarians. I almost didn’t go, you know how it is…the kids have gone and there are still a million and one things to do and then you are supposed to get on the train to Kowloon Tong….  Anyway after thinking I’d much rather be in the library I realised that collaboration did not just happen within our school community and that it needed to happen beyond and off I went.

It was great to visit another school library and have a snoop around and stealing idea. It was great to chat to some of the others and realise we are all in a similar situation. Everyone  was keen to  share. Book Week was the main focus and there were some great ideas I am hoping to implement into ours.  Other stuff that was shared included Glogster and bibme which several schools are using successfully with their Year 5s and above. I’ve added Bibme to our Learning Centre page which I’ve now tried to organise around the NSW research cycle. (The ISP)

On another note my essay marks landed on my desk this week. Unfortunately the essay is coming snail mail so I won’t have time to use the feedback to improve/ start the next assignment. My next assignment focus is on professional standards. Obviously professional standards can be used as a tool for appraisal and also to make the features of an excellent teacher librarian explicit. They help to regulate the profession and extend its status, in some cases giving it more credibility. After doing some limited reading I surmise that standards are more valid and useful if they focus upon the processes, purpose and efforts of the teacher librarian rather than be driven by performance and accountability.  It is not the standards themselves that enhance the quality of librarianship and teaching but the way in which they are defined, used and who uses them that is important. It is only then can their value be ascertained. Most importantly they need to have a positive affect upon LEARNING which means using them as an aspirational  framework that provides goals for the teacher librarian, providing support for professional learning. Reynolds (1999)

ReynoldsM. (1999). Standards and professional practice: The TTA and initial teaching training. British Journal of Educational Studies, 47(3), 247-260.


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