Sometimes it is just a pleasure to work with another teacher. Today was amazing. I had the pleasure of working with an energetic, enthusiastic teacher who is very knowledgeable. I learned so much and I’m sure the kids did. Working through the PYP and how the LC fits with the transdisciplinary themes and then the concepts. Writing questions that were concept linked. She was amazing. My task now is to try and replicate that lesson with the other 2 classes. The classes that have been taught collaboratively I felt have gone very well in general. The year 3 lesson today was very positive although I do feel that the working in groups part might have been more successful if it had been 1 class at a time. Trying it that way tomorrow and have had to collaborate by e mail. Hopefully it will work. I have to say this course has made me more of a risk taker than ever before and prepared to have a go at most things. I’m now trying to swat up on web-site evaluation before the year 5 lesson.


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