Essay deadline looming!

Almost finished the essay but I am now finding it very difficult to stick to the word limit. There are somethings that I am aware of but have only really mentioned. I know that the principal plays an enormous role but somehow I can’t fit in more than a few lines..if that. I feel very positive about my understanding but I’m not sure that my writing capabilities actually reflect that.

I thought the Todd articles on evidence based practice were very interesting and have used those to provide the theory for over coming the obstacles. I now need to find practical ways to use this theory but I’ve run out of words. I think I will need to look at the first few paragraphs on the ILSC and try and trim those down.

I think the essay has really made me think carefully about the role. My initial thinking was quite limited I think and my perceptions were also quite outdated. I knew that the teacher librarian did more than order and catalogue books but I don’t think I could have verbalised it. Now I realise that they have a huge impact on student learning.

So what do I need to do to be a good TL?

1. Collaborate with teachers and other members of the school community

2. Ensure that I have a clear role and that others within the community are aware of it.

3. Be visible. Not just by talking about what I am doing but by using evidence based practice to highlight improvements in student learning.

4. Keep up to date with the research so I can talk knowledgeably about how libraries and librarians impact schools and learning.

5. Be involved in planning, assessment and evaluation of learning experiences, ensuring that information literacy is integrated within the curriculum.

6. Provide inset/ training for staff and workshops for parents.

7. Teach, using resource based learning/ inquiry based learning

8. Make Intranet resources such as pathways and wikis for my students and teachers to use.

9. Keep up to date with ICT tools and utilise them in school.

10. Don’t panic!

Back in Hong Kong now after 6 weeks in the UK. It was very difficult to leave as the house and country is so beautiful. The river and the mill-race in the back yard make it rather special.  Back to work officially on Thursday..the new role commences. Am I ready? No! Am I knowledgable enough? No! Am I excited and interested and motivated? Yes! Bring it on…when I’ve finished the essay!



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