Teaching and learning

Got it! The most important role of a TL is to be an effective teacher. To do that I need to create a enriched and emotionally supportive environment where there is a balance of challenge…. too little and the children become bored and don’t learn, too much and they are put off learning. Tileston, D  (2000) 10 Best Teaching Practices, Thousand Oaks, CA, Corwin Press. It doesn’t matter where the environment is, be it traditional classroom or the library, the same holds true. Why I hadn’t realised this earlier I don’t know.

As an effective teacher I want my students to be effective learners and therefore I need to teach them skills to enable them to access information. If they don’t have those skills they will never become effective  independent learners. Now I’m beginning to see why the IBO are so keen on the idea of the Teacher Librarian and see the role they play as pivotal. Children can’t find out for themselves unless they have some skills and my job is to ensure that they have them.


One thought on “Teaching and learning

  1. The teacher librarian role is pivotal and that is why you’re the perfect person for the job!

    Your passion and enthusiasm will encourage our whole school! Cannot wait!

    Keep up the hard work Mrs G!

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