I think that’s what I’m basically feeling at the moment, confused. I’m trying to organise how I’m going to go about the work and attempting to get my head round Blogs and Wikis. I’ve just created a Wiki account but need to sit and play with it to work out its full potential.
Last week I had a chat with my headteacher and the SLT about how they perceive the role of the TL. It is the first time the school will have employed anyone to take the job on. They seems very excited about it and saw my role as working with other members of staff to develop information literacy skills across the school.  However I’m not sure if they are really very clear in their own minds what my role will be.  They see me working very closely with the ICT coordinator and the PYP coordinator …almost an inquiry team. However as my knowledge is so basic at the moment I’m not sure if I’m going to be of much help to the other 2 who both have vast amounts of experience in their fields.  I will be working across the school, team teaching with each class every week. On top of that I will be working with specific year groups to help support their Units. I’ve never been out of class before and as my heart has always been in class I’m a little concerned that I’m going to find the whole timetable and moving between groups a challenge. It was suggested that I focused on one year group per day just to make my life a little easier.
I’ve been so lucky as one of the other school librarians is about half way through the CSU course and has been really helpful. I visited her library and she shared her ideas, thoughts and materials. Just seeing where she had come from and the development that had taken place was inspiring. Great stuff Annette!

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