What’s with the image?

My friends all think it is quite amusing that I’m going to train to be a librarian. As you can imagine there are lots of jokes about twin sets and pearls, and half-moon glasses. I go along with it and have a laugh but I didn’t really realise that the role was so stereotyped. When I was given the job people came up to me and actually said ” What a waste! You’re a good teacher.”  They seemed to think that I would be stamping books all day and doing basically nothing.  Even my nearest and dearest felt it was a bad move and commented that I would be bored because there wouldn’t be enough to do. 

So what’s with the image? Why do people still imagine librarians to be old maids who stamp books and say “Shhhh” a lot? Librarian’s need to stand up for themselves and shout out about what they do. If they don’t do it, who will?

I’ve also started a few readings and done a little surfing on the web as I’m trying to get ahead. I realise that this is going to be a lot of work especially combined with a new job and a Learning centre that is in need of a complete overhaul.

I found an interesting article in the e-library yesterday when I was trying to teach myself how to use it. Watts, J.s. 1999 Ch 3 The Librarian past and present: a literature review, pp29-42 In The Information literate school community: best practice, J.Henri.

As someone who has yet to start as a TL in our school Learning Centre it was really positive to see that so much emphasis was placed on collaboration and leadership. In the chapter it notes that Head Teachers should see teacher librarians as whole school contributors and as individuals who can empower teachers and students as effective learners. Therefore TLs  need to be VISIBLY leading curriculum initiatives and development across the school.  We need to be able to communicate our ideas and motivate those around us to see change as a challenge that we can all rise to, and bring about, to positively effect teaching and learning.

Hong Kong, for many people, is all about high rise buildings. They forget that the whole island is a series of large hills and country parks. That means steps everywhere and constant hills to climb.

I’m beginning to wonder if the route I’ve chosen might be a little too steep.


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